Adoption in Nevada


Adoption in Nevada

    Thank you for your interest in adoption. This information is provided to answer some of the most asked questions about adoption and adoption related services.
    Nevada Revised Statute and Nevada Administrative Code 127 govern the adoption of children and are designed to protect the best interests of children, their birth parents, persons who wish to adopt and adult adopted persons.
    The goal of State adoption programs is to provide safe and permanent homes for children whose birth parents cannot care for them. The programs are child-focused, designed to recruit and secure the best families available to meet children’s needs. Therefore, prospective adoptive parents are a valuable resource to the State.

    State and County child welfare agencies and licensed private agencies offer a variety of services for: 

    • The general public seeking basic information about adoption
    • Birth parents planning adoption for their child
    • Families interested in adopting special needs children or newborns
    • Families interested in private/independent, interstate or international adoptions
    • Adult adopted persons can request non-identifying information (provided either through the Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry or the licensed private agency who handled their adoption)
    • Relatives related within the third degree of consanguinity of an adult adopted person can register to share contact information (this service is provided through the Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry)

    Services offered may vary from agency to agency, so you are encouraged to contact your local public child welfare agency or licensed child placing agency directly for more specific information. Few, if any, infants without special needs are available for adoption through the public agencies. Families interested in this type of adoption usually consider other options such, as international or private adoption. A list of public and private agencies is provided for your convenience on subsequent pages.

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