The Caliente Youth Center (CYC) contracts with the Lincoln County School District for the operation of the C.O. Bastian High School.  Students at CYC are given proficiency tests to determine academic levels and special needs. Youth specific plans are developed for each student.  Students are given the opportunity to earn credits at an increased rate through a credit recovery program to help them get back on track academically.   

The C.O. Bastian High School's mission is to "empower students for success in life through educational experiences."  The goal is to help students obtain their High School Diploma or receive their General Equivalency Diploma.  

Educational and vocational programs that are offered include required and elective academic subjects, remedial programs, special education, vocational education and interscholastic activities.  Career and Technical Certifications and training are available in Culinary Arts, Textiles, Computer Technology, Laser and Printing Technology, Small Engine Repair, Construction Trades, Horticulture, Welding, Woodshop and Hospitality.  Nationally recognized certifications are available in ServSafe Starter and Managerial Programs and in Hospitality.   

Youth participate in a year round intramural athletics program, which includes seasons and postseason tournaments of basketball, flag football, softball, badminton, and volleyball. CYC requires 100% participation of youth unless they are medically ineligible to participate. We strive to teach youth the importance of sportsmanship, participation, teamwork, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

The small size of the COB classes allows teachers to better meet the needs of students with learning difficulties, substance abuse issues, and/or other special needs.