Children's Commission

The Supreme Court of the State of Nevada determined that a children’s commission was warranted and that the Commission will combine the efforts of multiple statewide dependency driven committees, task forces, and initiatives to better utilize scarce judicial and other resources. The Commission will establish and provide best practices in the dependency court of this state by:

  1. Initiating reforms relating to judicial practice within the dependency system;
  2. Developing training programs for judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and staff who serve the dependency population as defined within NRS Chapter 432B;
  3. Developing training programs for multi-disciplinary groups who work within child abuse and neglect litigation which shall be founded upon evidence-based consideration of policy change, initiatives, and nationally recognized standards of practice;
  4. Strengthening systemic improvements for technology capability and statewide data sharing; and
  5. Enhancing public awareness of challenges facing children and families involved in the dependency system

    Child Welfare agencies in Nevada are the legal parent to over 4,500 children because of allegations of abuse and/or neglect.

      Nevada Courts play a critical role in determining the future of a child:

      • no child enters or leaves the foster care system without judicial intervention;
      • our courts decide where the child will live, for how long, and which school that child will attend while in the care of the state;
      • our courts decide whether a child will live, even temporarily, with siblings or other relatives or if; and
      • when the rights of a parent or parents will be terminated and the child will be legally free for adoption.