Guide to Adoption in Nevada - Post Adoption Services

Once an adoption is finalized, adoptive families, adult adopted persons, birth parents or other birth family members of the adoptee, may require information and assistance from the public or private agency that handled the adoption. Post adoption services, and information that may be accessed, varies from agency to agency, and is affected by the circumstances that were agreed upon at the time of the child’s adoption. Generally, these services include:

  • Information and services referrals
  • Resources on parenting training materials and classes
  • Agency sponsored adoptive support groups
  • Information and resources for children with special needs
  • Information on regional and national support groups and advocacy organizations for adoptive families
  • Adoptive search organizations for adoptee and birth family members
  • Information on Nevada’s State Adoption Registry

A list of addresses and telephone numbers for both the public and private adoption agencies in Nevada are included here as well as, information on parent support groups, resources for special needs children, adoptive search organizations and other issues involving adoption.