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(DOB February 2012)
Damien is described as friendly, caring, and an extrovert. Damien enjoys riding his bicycle and scooter, going on hikes, and playing basketball and baseball. He loves animals, especially dogs, and finds them comforting. Damien enjoys building things such as Legos and structural engineering kits. He likes to keep his hands and mind busy. He likes to problem solve and take things apart to see how they function.
Damien’s favorite subject in school is Math. His favorite musical artists are Kevin Gates and Eminem. Damien is interested in working at a casino as an adult. He is willing to try new things and is very engaging. He has a desire to be liked by his peers. Damien recently became interested in learning about his genealogy.
Damien would do well with a family who is patient, caring, and familiar with the effects of trauma. He needs a family willing to maintain contact with his siblings. Damien does well in a home that has structure, routine, and consistency.
Damien is very much looking forward to finding his forever family.
If you are interested in learning more about Damien, please reach out to his recruiter at


(DOB November 2010)

Kayden is a bright-eyed young man with a genuine smile. He has a passion for sports and loves to play football and baseball. His favorite football team is the Raiders and his favorite basketball team is the Warriors. Kayden also enjoys playing basketball and going bowling. Kayden loves to make friends and be out with other people. Some of his hobbies include listening to music, drawing, playing car racing video games, and watching TV. He really likes listening to rap and Hip Hop. He enjoys playing strategy games to win prizes and basketball hoop games at the arcade. He is really good at collecting tickets to redeem for prizes.

Kayden wants to play either baseball or football professionally when he grows up. Kayden is outgoing, affectionate, loves to tell jokes, and making others laugh. He is a passionate young man with dreams and goals and has the drive to achieve them. His favorite subject in school is Math. Kayden also loves to help around the house and with younger children.

Kayden has family connections that he would like to keep. He desires a loving family where he is important, included, loved, and respected.





DOB: May 2015

Leroy is a very happy, giggly, and smiley child. He is very flexible and can swing his foot up over his head. He likes to take his socks off with his mouth. Leroy loves toys that he can chew on, sensory toys, and light up toys. Leroy is described at school and at home as one of the happiest kids they see.  

Leroy is looking for a special family to love and care for him. He would do well in a home with medical knowledge and flexibility in their schedule, a family that is patient and kind, close to a primary hospital and specialized schools, and will maintain contact with those he is bonded with. 



DOB: April 2015
Richard is described as very smart and will share his thoughts with you. He is a sweet kid and is respectful to others. Richard enjoys video games and any electronics. He likes dinosaurs, Legos, Paw Patrol, Bendy, Avengers, and cars.
Richard is not picky when it comes to food and will generally eat anything that is put on his plate. He likes going to school and aquariums. Richard has a lot of energy and enjoys playing outside. Richard hopes to be an archeologist to study dinosaurs and fossils someday.
Richard would do well with a family who is patient and can assist him with his struggles in school. He needs a family willing to maintain contact with his birth family. Richard does well in a home that has structure and routine.
Wesley “Trey”

Wesley “Trey”

DOB: February 2009

Wesley is an outgoing young man with a good sense of humor. He describes himself as energetic, nice, cute, and smart. Wesley prefers to go by Trey. Wesley enjoys playing video games, Legos, electronics, and riding his bike. He likes playing Lacrosse and math games. Wesley likes watching anime shows, Star Wars, Marvel movies, and any Disney movies. He collects crystals and Pokémon cards. Wesley enjoys going to fancy restaurants and eating Asian and Mexican food. Enchiladas are his favorite. Wesley is interested in stylish clothes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Vans. He aspires to go to college or Job Corps to learn a trade. Wesley does well in school when he wants to. His favorite subject in school is Math. Wesley enjoys listening to rap, hip hop, R&B, some pop and country, and classic rock.
Wesley enjoys cooking and would like to do this more to become better. He really enjoys snacks. Wesley would like to do chores to earn money. He enjoys cleaning other people’s messes for money but does not like to clean his room much. Wesley would like to own a Dodge Charger and an electric bike one day.
Wesley dislikes spaghetti sauce, horror movies, cats, and Barbie pink. He is not a fan of school, online classes, younger children, and adventurous foods. Wesley is comfortable with younger children visiting his home, especially when he has something else to do.
Wesley is very flexible when thinking about the family he would like to have. He would like a family with no children in the home or just adult children, with his own room. Wesley would do well in a home with structure and consistency, an active trauma-informed family who are patient and kind, will enroll him in activities, and will maintain contact with his siblings.




DOB: July 2013
William has been described as happy, loving, helpful, silly, imaginative, and orderly. William is excited and eager in going about life. He loves to help. He enjoys being outside, walking, screentime, playing with cars and trucks, word searches, and bubbles. He really likes animals, playing, and helping cook. He would love to learn to ride a bike.
William has sensory needs, so he loves cuddles, big hugs, soft fuzzy blankets, and looking at lights. He responds well to positive reinforcement and loves going out for treats. He is often on the go and likes snacks from fast food restaurants, ice cream, or frozen yogurt.
William is currently very interested in sonic the hedgehog. He also loves inflatable outdoor decorations and has a few in his room he loves to look at and play with.
William has a bond with his two older siblings, who he will need to stay in contact with. He is ready to find his forever family.


DOB: January 2010

Zane is described as an intelligent, outgoing, and witty young man. He gets along with his peers and generally stays away from conflict. Zane enjoys playing sports and being a part of a team. He typically plays football and basketball. He is not shy with others and generally will engage in conversation. He enjoys helping around the house and loves being outdoors. Zane generally does well in school, earning good grades.

Zane is not picky when it comes to food and will generally eat anything that this placed in front of him. Zane loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. He enjoys camping, hiking, and riding his bike.

Zane would do well with a family who would support his love for sports and his desire for outdoor adventures. He needs a home that is willing to maintain contact with his siblings. Zane does well in a home that has structure and routine but can be laid back. 




DOB: January 2011
Delilah is a sweet girl, who is outgoing, bubbly, and artistic. She enjoys cooking, baking, camping, drawing, painting, and video games. Delilah is smart and does well in school. She is very headstrong and wants to be independent in everything she does. She describes herself as a helper and loves to help her friends. Delilah is on the flag football team at school and would like to get involved in cheerleading. Delilah enjoys wearing makeup and loves wearing mascara, but keeps it light.
Delilah desires to be the only child or the youngest in the home. She would love hands on parents who take an interest in her schooling as well as other aspects of her life and want to help her. She needs a family that is playful and affectionate but can also uphold the rules and keep her safe. She would thrive in a home with animals and would like to have her own dog or pet. Animals are her safe place. She enjoys sweets, cakes, pies, Nutri-grain bars, tacos, and nachos but she does not like the shredded cheese on them. Delilah does not like mushrooms, zucchini, or squash.
Delilah really likes traveling and would like the opportunity to travel with her adoptive family. She would do well with a family that allows her freedoms of self-expression such as dying her hair different colors. She would do well in a home with structure, boundaries, and consistency, an active trauma-informed family who are patient and kind, will enroll her in activities, and will maintain contact with her sibling.


DOB December 2009

Lillian is described as outgoing, talkative, happy, and helpful. She loves reading adventurous books such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and books by Rick Riordan. She enjoys painting, art, and crafts. She enjoys watching online videos, shows, movies, and playing video games. Lillian’s favorite movie is Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. and her favorite character is Addison, from that movie. She has enjoyed activities such as choir and girl scouts. She is currently in color guard. Lillian has always wanted to try cheer and gymnastics. She is in a Minecraft club at her school.

Lillian loves seafood, especially lobster. If you told her she could pick any place to go for dinner, her answer would be a seafood buffet. Lillian has a love hate relationship with Math. Her favorite subject is English Language Arts, since she gets to read and watch movies, which she loves. Lillian is interested in taking Spanish or French, weight training, and art when she enters high school next year. Lillian dreams of becoming a content creator online or a marine biologist. She is looking forward to enrolling in college.

Lillian has a bond with her two younger siblings, who she will need to stay in contact with. She is ready to find her forever family.

Sibling Groups

Anthony and Savannah

Anthony and Savannah

(DOB: 2013)

Anthony and Savannah are fraternal twins. They are very close and are being recruited for together.

Anthony is an energetic, strong-willed, and affectionate young man. He enjoys playing with Legos, on his tablet, Nerf guns, board games, and coloring. He enjoys being outside, taking walks, riding his bicycle or scooter, and swimming. His favorite cartoons are Spiderman and Paw Patrol. He really enjoys one-on-one time with his caregiver. He likes snack foods but is not picky. 

Savannah is an energetic, strong-willed, and affectionate young lady. She is competitive and a leader. She enjoys drawing, playing with her barbies, stuffed animals, listening to music, and watching television. Her favorite show is Teen Titans, and her favorite movies are Z-O-M-B-I-E-S and Frozen. She enjoys swimming and riding her bicycle. Savannah would love to be a fashion designer in France when she grows up. Her favorite food is spaghetti, cupcakes, and ice cream.

Anthony and Savannah are ready to find their forever family.

Tommy and Charlie

Tommy and Charlie

DOB 2010 and 2011
Tommy is described as a good child, fun, and great to have around. Tommy enjoys riding his mountain bike, skateboarding, swimming, playing hockey, being outside, and hanging out with his peers. He likes art supplies, Legos, video games, and TV. His favorite food is pizza. His favorite class at school is PE. Tommy is easy-going, active, resilient, and talented. He really enjoys playing with pets in the home.
Charlie is described as a sweet kid who cares deeply about others. Charlie enjoys playing basketball, riding his bicycle, swimming, and playing with other kids. He prefers playing inside over playing outside. He likes pets, video games, TV, playing on his tablet, Legos, and Squishmallows. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets, and corn dogs. His favorite class at school is Science. Charlie is emotional, caring, energetic and strives to do well.
Tommy and Charlie have a strong sibling bond and are being recruited for together. They are ready to find their forever family. They need a family who will continue contact with their younger brother and other family connections. They desire a loving family where they are important, included, loved, and respected.

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