Q: When can I come visit my child? Who can visit?  

A: Visits by immediate family members or legal guardians are permitted 28 days after your child's entry date. Youth may receive a visit every 28 days. There must be 28 days between visits. 

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Q: How do I schedule a visit with my child?  

A:  Youth are responsible for requesting visits.  Youth fill out the "Visitation Request" form and submit it to cottage staff.  The cottage team approves the visit.  Your youth's level determines how long the visit can be and whether it can be held on or off campus.  Levels 0, 1 and 2 are on campus.  Level 3 can be off campus and is a day pass.  Level 4 can be off campus and is up to a 2 day pass.  There are no overnight passes.  

Q: How long do visits last?  

A: Visitation times are based on the levels attained by your youth. Level 1 youth may receive a 2 hour, on grounds, supervised visit. Level 2 youth may receive a 4 hour, on grounds, supervised visit. Level 3 youth can receive a 7 hour, off grounds, unsupervised by CYC staff members visit. Level 4 youth can receive a 14 hour visit, spread over two days. This visit is off grounds and unsupervised by CYC staff members. ALL OFF GROUNDS VISITS REQUIRE THE YOUTH TO REMAIN IN LINCOLN COUNTY AND UNDER SIGHT SUPERVISION OF THEIR GUARDIAN.

Q: What items can my child have?  

A: All items permitted for youth to have are listed in the Student Handbook/Parent Packet. Basic hygiene items such as soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant (no aerosol sprays) can be sent to your youth. Black or blue jeans with no logos or embroidery, white undershirts, underwear, socks, pajamas (neutral colors, i.e., gray), and shoes (white, black or gray) are also permitted. If these items cannot be sent to your youth, state issued items are available.

Q: How long will my youth be in the facility?  

A: Youth are not sentenced to serve a set amount of time at the facility by the court. Youth are sent to the facility to complete the program, learn valuable life skills, receive counseling and mentoring, and learn how to handle issues they face. Youth must complete the program by advancing through the level system, and applying skills they've learned on a daily basis. 


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