Child Fatalities in Nevada

Child Death Review Teams

Preventing child abuse, neglect, and child fatalities is a community effort. A child fatality is a tragic event. Each year in Nevada, over 100 children die from preventable causes of death. According to the 2019 Statewide Child Death Report (which can be found in the Nevada Annual Child Death Report Page), the top four manners and causes of death (excluding natural and undetermined deaths) are as follows:

  1.  Accidents caused by unintentional asphyxia
  2. Homicides caused by assault, weapon, or a person’s body part
  3. Accidents caused by drowning
  4. Suicides caused by hanging 

Child Death Review Teams

Multidisciplinary teams around the state conduct comprehensive reviews of child death cases to better understand how and why children ages 0-17 die. There are eight (8) Child Death Review Teams (CDRT), determined by region/county: 


  • Clark County 
  • Washoe County 
  • Carson Rural Region (Carson City, Douglas, and Storey counties) 
  • Elko Rural Region (Lander and Elko counties) 
  • Nye County Region (Nye, Esmeralda, Lincoln counties) 
  • Ely Region (White Pine and Eureka counties) 
  • Fallon Region (Churchill, Lander, Mineral, Pershing, and Humboldt counties)
  • Lyon County 


Clark County and Washoe County each have a team, and the Rural Region has six teams. These teams are comprised of representatives from various agencies, such as the coroner’s office, law enforcement, school personnel, medical professionals, child protection services, the district attorney’s office, and other agencies that can provide valuable input. 


This multidisciplinary approach brings subject matter experts to the table to analyze trends and make recommendations for prevention to the state oversight team, the Executive Committee to Review the Death of Children. Furthermore, NRS 432B.4095 was enacted which incorporated the confidentiality of information obtained and reviewed at regional CDRT meetings, including protection from disclosure, subpoena, discovery, and introduction into evidence for civil or criminal proceedings.


    More Information

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