Child Fatalities

Child Death Review Teams

Preventing child abuse and child fatalities is a community effort. A child's death is a tragic event. Each year in Nevada, over 100 children die from preventable causes of death.

Child Death Review Teams conduct comprehensive reviews of child death cases in order to better understand how and why children die in Nevada. There are six regional CDR teams (Clark, Washoe, Carson, Elko, Fallon, and Pahrump) and state team – The Executive Committee to Review the Death of Children. Regional teams meet periodically throughout the year to conduct a multidisciplinary review of child fatalities. The findings are used to take action that can prevent other fatalities and improve the wellbeing and safety of children and families through prevention campaign messages and education. During 2016, a total of 318 child deaths were reviewed by the six regional child death review (CDR) teams. Health Division data is compared with case review data derived from the work of the six regional CDR teams. A combined evaluation of 2016 statewide vital records data and regional CDR team data shows the following four leading manners and causes of death for children and adolescents ages birth through 17 years, excluding natural deaths: 


Leading Causes with Manner  

 1) Non-motor vehicle accident 

 Asphyxia, drowning, drug overdose 

 2) Homicide

 Gunshot wounds, child abuse

 3) Suicide 

 Gunshot wounds, asphyxia 

 4) Motor vehicle accident 

 Blunt force trauma from motor vehicles 

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