The Caliente Youth Center (CYC) receives support from the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).  Specifically, CYC works collaboratively with DCFS's Child Welfare, Childrens Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Services agencies as needed on a case by case bases, to ensure youth are provided with the most comprehensive services available to help them succeed.   

CYC works in collaboration with the Nevada Youth Parole Bureau (NYPB) to address specific clients' needs during their stay at CYC, as well as develop each youth's aftercare plans.  Lincoln County and the City of Caliente play an important role in serving as the home base for CYC.     

CYC also partners with the Children's Cabinet to connect youths with opportunities to obtain vocational training, educational assistance, and transitional programming and re-entry services for qualified CYC students.   

While at CYC, youth have the opportunity to apply to be part of the CYC State Parks Work Crew. Since 2000, the supervising staff and the work crew youth have partnered with Nevada State Parks to maintain 5 local area State Parks. The Work Crew is an earned privilege for those that have a desire to work hard, learn valuable skills and improve their lives. Cottages regularly participate in community service projects to build character, help groups and individuals, and learn new skills.