Youth may only receive incoming mail from, and send outgoing mail to, people on their approved writing list. Youth are not allowed to correspond with the following:  Any current or former victim of the youth; the family of any current or former victim of the youth, unless the victim was a member of the youth's family; any individual known to be a gang member; any current or former co-defendant of the youth; any current youth in custody of a juvenile probation department or DCFS-Juvenile Services; any non-family individual incarcerated in any prison or jail.  The parent or guardian is the ONLY person who can add to this list.  All requests, made by youth, for additions must be made in writing and signed by their guardian.  

Youth are allowed 2 state stamps each week.  State stamps are used only for parents or guardians.  All other postage is paid for by youth or their families.  Letters to their parole officer do not require postage.   Any mail, incoming or outgoing that is unapproved will be returned to sender.  

Youth may turn in outgoing mail to staff at any time of the day.  Incoming mail is usually distributed after school as "mail call."  


Phone calls are to and from parents, guardians, parole officers, or attorneys.  All others will require prior approval.  Youth are allowed to have 1-10 minute phone call every 7 days.  Special conditions apply for youth whose parents have co-custody and live separately.  The cottage Senior Group Supervisor will make arrangements for these calls. Split into 2 phone calls - 5 minutes per call.  

Staff may monitor all or part of a call that is determined or suspected to be inappropriate, of negative content, or to an unapproved person.  A call can be terminated without recourse. Phone calls may be monitored with administrative approval for safety and security reasons.  


Youth will be allowed their first visit after they have been at CYC for 28 days.  Visits are allowed once a month after the first visit.  All visits are subject to behavior.  Certain circumstances may warrant staff supervised visits on campus.  

All visits must be approved by the cottage staff team.  Youth must submit a written request that includes all persons visiting and the date(s) they will be visiting.  Only immediate family (mother, father, brothers and sisters, grandparents if they are a guardian) may visit unless prior approval has been given.  

On campus visits will be supervised and in a designated area.  These visits will be limited to no more than 2 adults and 1 child at a time.   

Times and lengths of visits are based on the youth's earned level. Off campus visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  No overnight visits are allowed.  

On off campus visits youth will be in the temporary custody of their parents or guardian.  Youth must remain with them and in their sight supervision at all times.  Youth must stay in Lincoln County, in the specified area during the visit.   

The City of Caliente has three parks that are free (except the pool), and there are several State Parks within a 35 mile radius that require a use fee.  Activities range from hiking and horseshoes to picnicking and fishing.  

Visiting, either by phone or in person, with anyone that has not been approved, is a violation of the visitation policy, and will result in sanctions.  Youth also should not be sending any mail out while on their visit.  

Youth will be expected to uphold the standards set by CYC and to follow all local and state laws while on your visit (i.e. no smoking, no drinking, no driving)  Youth must remain dressed in the clothing they leave campus with, unless prior approval is granted.  Youth may request permission to change clothing to accommodate for activities such as hiking or swimming.  

All visitors are expected to be dressed conservatively and appropriately. Failure to do so may delay the visit.  No halter tops, extremely short skirts or shorts, gang related clothing, or sheer material is permitted.  

Visitors who are observed to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or are abusive to youth or CYC staff in any way, may have their visitation privileges suspended and/or terminated.  


Money in any form that comes into youth's possession will be placed in a sealed envelope by staff.  Youth will witness this and sign the seal.  The money is taken to the Administration Building for deposit into youth account.  

Youth are not to have any money in their possession or in their room.  If they have any money, they are considered a run risk and in possession of contraband.  

Money in their account may be used for the purchase of items on the commissary list.  Authorized amounts for commissary purchases are based on their earned level.  There is a commissary list posted on each cottage.  


 Youth are allowed to bring with them or have sent to them the following clothing items:  

5 pairs of jeans blue or black (they cannot be skinny or slim fit jeans) 

1 belt  

1 set of sweat shirt and pants (no black sweat pants)  

8 pairs of underwear and bras 

8 t-shirts that must be white and (they cannot be tank tops or muscle shirts) 

10 pairs of socks 

1 pair of gym or outside shorts (which cannot be cut-offs) 

2 pairs of tennis shoes (which can only be black, white, or grey) 

1 pair of shower shorts 

1 pair of shower shoes 

1 pair of slippers 

1 pair of pajamas or sleeping shorts and t-shirt 

1 bathrobe 

If needed, all clothing items listed above can be provided for them. Youth will be provided with group t-shirts to wear on a daily basis. The color of their shirt will depend upon the group or cottage to which they are assigned. 

Youth’s jeans must be blue or black, and they must fit them properly. Skinny and/or slim fit jeans are not allowed; tight fitting clothing is prohibited. Youths pants can be no more than1 inch larger than their waist. Staff members will assist youth with the fit of their pants. If necessary, the proper size will be provided. 

Youth will not be allowed to wear any piece of clothing that includes, but is not limited to the following; logos, team symbols, or colors that represent your gang affiliation.