Participant Responsibilities

As a CAP participant, you agree to the following or it may result in cancellation from the program:

  1. Mail Forwarding:
  1. Mail will be forwarded to the address provided by the participant.  The participant is responsible for collecting their mail.  If mail is returned to CAP office, participation may be cancelled.
  1. Participant Must Notify CAP of a change of physical address within 48 hours using the Change of Address Form
  2. Participants who wish to remain in the program after their initial four year term, should renew their authorization before their term expires by completing and submitting the renewal materials sent by CAP.
  3. The Division shall not cancel the fictitious address of a participant if, before the fictitious address of the participant is cancelled, the participant shows to the satisfaction of the Division of Child and Family Services that the participant remains in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking. 
  4. Participants who wish to withdraw from the program must notify CAP in writing. 
  5. A participant could be terminated from the program for the following reasons:

The Division shall cancel the fictitious address of a participant 4 years after the date on which the Program Officer approved the application. 

  1. The Division may cancel the fictitious address of a participant at any time if: 
    1. The participant changes their physical address from the one listed in the application and fails to notify the Program Officer within 48 hours after the change of address; or 
    2. The Division determines that false or incorrect information was knowingly provided in the application.