Nevada Coalition to Prevent the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

The Nevada Coalition to Prevent the Commercial Exploitation of Children (CSEC Coalition) was established on May 31, 2016 by Executive Order 2016-14. The CSEC Coalition’s mandate was to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that fostered collaboration and coordination among agencies to improve the capacity to identify CSEC and provide safety and services for them and their families and caregivers, as appropriate, as they work to end their exploitation; and to hold their exploiters accountable.

Mission: To combat commercial sexual exploitation of children in Nevada with a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach. 

The Strategic Plan to Address the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Nevada (CSEC Strategic Plan) is the culmination of more than two years of effort by a broad cross-section of individuals representing child welfare, juvenile justice, the courts, service providers, advocates and other entities that work to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The CSEC Strategic Plan includes a CSEC Model Coordinated Response Protocol & Toolkit and a CSEC Prevention Resource Guide.

  • The CSEC Model Coordinated Response Protocol and Toolkit provides guidance for implementing a coordinated response to identify and serve CSEC based on promising practices 
  • The CSEC Prevention Resource Guide provides a public health approach to combating child sex trafficking, with strategies and resources to reduce demand and increase CSEC awareness in the general community and with at-risk populations. 

The tasks of the CSEC Coalition going forward will be to oversee implementation of the goals and objective of the Strategic Plan with a special emphasis on implementation of the CSEC Coordinated Response Protocol and CSEC Prevention Resource Guide.