Caliente Youth Center (CYC)

A Message from the Superintendent

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    The Caliente Youth Center (CYC), established in 1962, is a staff-secure facility located in Caliente, Nevada. The facility includes seven separate housing units for youth committed to the state for correctional care; five units for males and two for females. CYC has the capacity to serve up to 140 youth ages 12 to 18. For over 50 years, the Caliente Youth Center has assisted in helping Nevada's at risk youth change their course. CYC's mission is to promote positive value change to the youth served through a balanced, team-centered and strength-based approach.  

    In an effort to help improve the future of at risk youth, CYC utilizes Forward Thinking, a cognitive behavioral program model. The program utilizes evidence-based strategies and interactive journaling to assist youth in making positive changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Youth participate in individual journaling sessions and group discussions; improving communication skills and learning to work as a team. Forward Thinking focuses on the topics of "What Got Me Here, Responsible Behavior, Individual Change Plan, Handling Difficult Feelings, Relationships and Communication, Family, Victim Awareness, Substance Using Behaviors, and Reentry Planning."  

    Nestled up against the mountains, CYC provides a unique atmosphere for correctional care. On site, in addition to the seven separate housing units, there is an administration building, an infirmary, a full-service kitchen and laundry, maintenance, an accredited high school, a gymnasium, a football/soccer field, a baseball/softball diamond, and a workout room for aerobic, weightlifting, and cardio fitness.     

    Review the tabs to learn more about what CYC offers to Nevada's youth that are committed to our correctional care.   

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