Youth Parole Bureau Data

FY18 Youth Committed by Jurisdiction – New Commitment*

Jurisdiction Total
1st Judicial District (serves Carson City and Storey County)  5 Youth (1%)
2nd Judicial District (serves Washoe County)  80 Youth (25%)
3rd Judicial District (serves Lyon County) 2 Youth (1%)
4th Judicial District (serves Elko County) 3 Youth (1%)
5th Judicial District (serves Nye County) 5 Youth (1%)
6th Judicial District (serves Humboldt County) 2 Youth (1%)
7th Judicial District (serves Lincoln County) 2 Youth (1%)
8th Judicial District (serves Clark County) 206 Youth (66%)
9th Judicial District (serves Douglas County) 6 Youth (2%)
10th Judicial District (serves Churchill County) 0 Youth (0%)
11th Judicial District (serves Pershing, Lander and Mineral Counties)  2 Youth (1%)

    *New Commitment
    A new commitment is a youth who has been adjudicated by a juvenile court (found responsible for an offense) and ordered placed in a correctional facility for correctional care.

      FY18 Commitments by Offense – New Commitment and Revocation


      Type Total
      Drug Offense  33 Youths (9%)
      Probation Violation  84 Youths (23%)
      Property Offense  62 Youths (17%)
      Violent Offense  107 Youths (29%)
      Weapons Offense  28 Youths (8%)
      Other 50 Youths (14%)

        A revocation occurs when the Chief of Youth Parole or designee has determined that a youth parolee is a risk to public safety or when other responses set forth in policies and procedures of the Youth Parole Bureau would not be appropriate, and the court approves.

          Mean Age of Committed Youth

          Fiscal Year Average Age of Committed Youth 
          FY2018 16.21 Years Old 
          FY2017  16.41 Years Old 
          FY2016  16.70 Years Old 
          FY2015  16.50 Years Old 
          FY2014  16.73 Years Old 
          FY2013 16.68 Years Old 

            Division of Child and Family Services Data