In a constant effort to meet the individual needs of youth today, the Caliente Youth Center (CYC) has employed a strong Mental Health Team. The team provides services that include individual and group counseling. Youth are encouraged to meet with mental health counselors on a regular basis, and they can call upon counselors when needed. Working in tandem with custody staff, mental health counselors meet with youth, review case histories, and will attempt to contact guardians as they formulate individualized treatment plans for youth.

Specialized groups are facilitated by mental health counselors in multiple areas that impact our youth including:

  • Anger Management
  • Coping & Life Skills
  • Grief
  • Shame & Resiliency
  • Substance Abuse and  Relapse Prevention
  • Gambling Awareness
  • Victims of Abuse
  • Commitment to Change

Additionally, CYC contracts with a psychiatrist who provides evaluations, prescribes medications, and meets with youth on a monthly basis for medication management. An experienced team of clinicians from Desert Psychological  provides psychological services on a monthly basis that includes assessments and individual/group counseling, as well as, aftercare services. At CYC, proper mental health care is a primary objective in order to help youth overcome the barriers that are holding them back from a life of success and happiness.