Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change my address with CAP?

You must notify CAP in writing within 48 hours of a change to your residential address, mailing address or phone number. You may submit a Change of Address or Telephone Number form by regular mail, email or by fax.

The form MUST contain your authorization number and signature to verify your identity. 


    Am I eligible for CAP?

    To be eligible for CAP you must live in Nevada, and

    • be over 18 years old, a parent or a guardian acting on behalf of a child, or a guardian acting on behalf of an incompetent person , and
    • be a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking, and
    • Is in fear of her or his safety, and
    • Have specific evidence showing that the adult, child or incompetent person has been a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking before the filing of the application.

    NOTE: If you do not live in Nevada, find out if your state has a confidential address program by visiting


      What kind of mail is forwarded?

      All first-class, certified, registered mail and prescriptions ordered by mail are forwarded.

      Magazines, packages and junk mail are not forwarded. Packages (including prescriptions) are refused at the Post Office and returned to the sender. Magazines and junk mail are confidentially shredded and recycled.

      CAP may also accept legal process service (aka "get served") on your behalf, if received by mail only.


        How do I apply for CAP?

        To apply for CAP, you must meet with a Certified Agency in your area.

        The Certified Agency is a victim advocate designated by the Division who helps you:

        • conduct safety planning.
        • understand the program services, participant rights and responsibilities.
        • determine eligibility.
        • complete the application.


          Will I get my own Post Office box?

          No. Every participant in the program uses the same Post Office box in Carson City, NV as their mailing address. However, each household in the program is assigned a unique CAP Authorization Code that ensures mail is delivered correctly and without delay.


            What agencies do I need to provide my new fictitious address?

            Some uses for the fictitious address include:

            • Driver's license and state identification cards
            • Motor vehicle titles and registrations
            • School enrollment and school record transfers
            • Human services benefits
            • Police reports
            • Court records
            • Bank accounts
            • Libraries
            • Voter registration
            • Utility companies


              Is CAP like a witness protection program?

              No. The program cannot hide you or help you "go underground". 


                Does CAP remove or delete information about me that already exists in records?

                No. As a program participant, you may use a designated fictitious address for creating a new public record. CAP cannot remove or delete information that already exists in public record.


                  Will my address ever be disclosed?

                  The Division shall not make any records containing the name, confidential address or fictitious address of a participant available for inspection or copying, unless: 

                  1. The address is requested by a law enforcement agency, in which case the Division shall make the address available to the law enforcement agency; or
                  2. Is directed to do so by lawful order of a court of competent jurisdiction, in which case the Division shall make the address available to the person identified in the order


                    Is participation in CAP confidential?

                    No. Your residential address and phone number is kept confidential, but being a participant in the program is not confidential.

                    CAP staff can verify participation on request by a public body for official use. 


                      How long can I use the fictitious address if I am approved to participate in CAP?

                      Program participation lasts four years, unless otherwise cancelled or withdrawn. Participation can be renewed for an additional four years prior to expiration.


                        Can I be cancelled from the program?

                        Yes. Your participation in the program may be cancelled for the following reasons:

                        • You provided false or incorrect information on an CAP application.
                        • You do not notify CAP in writing of a change in physical address within 48 hours.
                        • Mail forwarded to you is returned to CAP as undeliverable.
                        • You do not submit a renewal application prior to the expiration date.
                        • You no longer want to be in the program and request to be withdrawn.