Q: When can I come visit my child? Who can visit?  

A: Visits by immediate family members or legal guardians are permitted 28 days after your child's entry date. Youth may receive a visit every 28 days. There must be 28 days between visits. 

Q: How long do visits last?  

A: All visits are pre-approved. Visitation hours are from 9am-5:00pm daily.

Q: What items can my child have?  

A:  The youth are providedall the needed clothing and hygiene items during their stay at Nevada Youth Training Center. They may receive a package from home twice a year on approval from the institution. The days that they may receive packages is on their birthday and at Christmas.

Q: How long will my youth be in the facility?  

A: Youth are assessed and then assigned either a 6 month or a 9 month stay, based upon several factors. Youth are assigned to the facility to complete the program; to learning valuable life skills, receiving counseling and mentoring, and learning how to handle issues they face. Youth must complete the program, maintaining an appropriate behavior in the level system, and applying skills they’ve learned on a daily basis. 


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