Central Registry

There is hereby established a Statewide Central Registry for the Collection of Information Concerning the Abuse or Neglect of a Child. Information about substantiated child abuse and neglect reports in the Central Registry may be requested in accordance with NRS 432.100.

Information about whether the person who is subject of the background check has been found to have abused or neglected a child may be made available to:

    1. An employer
      • If the person who is subject of a background investigation by the employer provides written authorization for the release of the information; and
      • Either:
        • The employer is required by law to conduct the background investigation of the person for employment purposes; or
        • The person who is the subject of the background investigation could, in the course of his or her employment, have regular and substantial contact with children or regular and substantial contact with elderly persons who require assistance or care from other persons.
    2. A designated individual whose primary concern is child safety (e.g. law enforcement, corrections, child welfare agencies, licensed child placing agencies).
    3. An individual requesting their own record. 

      Please note that these requests will not provide child protective services (CPS) reports or investigative history pursuant to the parameters contained within NRS 432.100. To request CPS history within the confines of NRS 432B.290, contact the appropriate child welfare agency where the family/person who is subject of the background check resided in Nevada. If it is not known where the family/person resided in Nevada, please proceed with the appropriate request form and if any record of the person is found, you may be notified of the appropriate child welfare agency to contact.

        Central Registry Forms

        Type or print clearly on the correct request form. Please ensure the form is completed in its entirety as incomplete and/or illegible forms may delay processing time.

        Email the completed form to DCFS-CANS@dcfs.nv.gov

        For additional questions or if a response is not received within 15 business days of the request, please email
        DCFS-CANS@dcfs.nv.gov or call (775)684-7941.