Interstate Compact on Juveniles

Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ), originally drafted in 1955, is an agreement among states to track young offenders. The Compact can be found in Chapter 621 of the Nevada Revised Statues. 

The purpose of the ICJ is to enable states to provide for:

  • cooperative supervision of juvenile delinquents on probation or parole; 
  • the return of delinquent juveniles who have escaped or absconded; 
  • the return, from one state to another, of non-delinquent juveniles who have run away from home; 
  • and additional measures for the protection of juveniles and the public.

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles has approved forms for ICJ use.

    Contact the Deputy Compact Administrator

    Gladys Olivares
    Deputy Compact Administrator