Juvenile Justice Commission


A local responsibility of the Juvenile Justice Commission is to allocate funds to programs and agencies that support the goals and vision of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDP). Additionally, these community partners are responsible for improving community-based programs to assure that Nevada's youth receive the guidance and support that they deserve. The Juvenile Justice Commission allocates JJDP funds throughout Nevada. A summary of the core programs and funding activities, more information on any program or if you would like to submit a proposal for funding during the next round of reviews, please contact us.

    Commission Goals

    To fulfill the requirements of the JJDP Act relating to advisory groups and to advocate for compliance with the Act, the SAG (State Advisory Group) will take the lead role in setting overall standards for the funding of JJDP projects, and to reviewing the providing final recommendations for the funding of specific proposals.

      Commission Objectives

      The Nevada Juvenile Justice System needs an advocacy group to promote the deinstitutionalization of status offenders.

      • To provide information and expertise in juvenile justice matters to the Governor, the Nevada State Legislature, the Department of Human Resources, the Division of Child and Family Services, state agencies, state boards and commissions, local units of government, and the public at large, in order to improve the general level of knowledge of needs, problems and solutions involving the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and the youth serving system.
      • To work toward the solution of service problems created by geographical imbalance of service availability.
      • To ensure Nevada’s compliance with the JJDP Act goals, objectives, and mandates through the monitoring of statistical, programmatic and compliance information and reports.
      • To ensure that new programs developed with the JJDP Formula Grant funds address the highest identified priority program areas by providing a review and comment upon all administratively approved applications prior to final approval.
      • To improve the Nevada Revised Statute requirements concerning the legal processing of juveniles in Nevada by developing resolutions and supportive materials for positive bills before the Legislature and notices of opposition for bills which are not consistent with the JJDP Act mandates and/or would have negative impact on youth or the juvenile justice system.

      Nevada Juvenile Justice Commissioners

      Ross Armstrong Deputy Administrator State
      Michael Beam Law Enforcement
      Kirby Burgess Private non-profit
      Frank Cervantes Juvenile Justice Washoe County
      Dan Coppa Ret. Law Enforcement/Educator
      Elizabeth Florez Juvenile Justice Washoe County
      Sierra Fowzer Youth
      Dr. Danny Gonzales Educator
      John Hambrick Ret. Law Enforcement/Assemblyman
      Dr. Lisa Morris- Hibbler Clark County
      Patrick Irwin Elected Official
      Noah Jennings Youth
      Otto Kelly Private non-profit
      David LaBay Youth
      Kallie Laity Youth
      Dawn Lozano Lawyer
      John Martin Juvenile Justice Clark County
      Steve McBride Juvenile Justice State
      Miguel Rodriguez Youth
      Mayra Rodriguez-Galindo Youth
      Pauline Salla-Smith Juvenile Justice Humboldt County
      Paula Smith Washoe Tribe
      MariaJose Taibo-Vega Youth
      Egan Walker Judge 2nd Judicial District
      Kimberly Wanker Judge 5th Judicial District
      Jo Lee Wickes Lawyer
      Dr. Lonnie Gene Wright Educator

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        (775) 684-4437 Phone
        (775) 684-4456 Fax

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