State Child Welfare Policies and Procedures


This chapter focuses on policies related to caseworker responsibilities in child welfare case management. Included in this chapter are policies on case closure; the Nevada’s case management practice model; case planning ; caseworker contact with children, parents and foster parents; notice of court hearings for foster parents; and early preventative diagnostic and referral; and social summary.

    0201 - Intra-State Courtesy Supervision

    • Policy 0201
    • FPO 0201A: Request for Intrastate Assistance - Go to Policy 0201 for link to Form

    0202 - Case Closure

    0203 - Case Management Practice Model

    0204 - Case Planning

    0205 - Case Worker Contact

    0206 - Court Hearing Notification

    0207 - Health Services

    0208 - Social Summary

    0209 - Psychiatric Care and Treatment

    0210 - Missing and Exploited Child

    0211- Protective Capacity Family Assessment Policy