Youth Parole Bureau Data

Commitments by Jurisdiction

FY18 Youth Committed by Jurisdiction – New Commitment

8th Judicial District (serves Clark County)-66% (206 youth)
2nd Judicial District (serves Washoe County)-25% (80 youth)
9th Judicial District (serves Douglas County)-2% (6 youth)
1st Judicial District (serves Carson City and Storey County)-1% (5 youth)
5th Judicial District (serves Nye County)-1% (5 youth)
4th Judicial District (serves Elko County)-1% (3 youth)
3rd Judicial District (serves Lyon County)-1% (2 youth)
6th Judicial District (serves Humboldt County)-1% (2 youth)
7th Judicial District (serves Lincoln County)-1% (2 youth)
11th Judicial District (serves Pershing, Lander and Mineral Counties)-1% (2 youth)
10th Judicial District (serves Churchill County)-0% (0 youth)

Commitments by Offense

FY18 Commitments by Offense – New Commitment and Revocation

Violation of Probation/Parole-23% (84 youth)
Robbery/Conspiracy to Commit-14% (51 youth)
Assault/Battery-13% (48 youth)
Other-11% (41 youth)
Theft/Larceny-11% (39 youth)
Drug Offense (not sales)-8% (30 youth)
Weapons-8% (28 youth)
Burglary-6% (22 youth)
Miscellaneous Misdemeanors-2% (9 youth)
Sexual Offense-2% (6 youth)
Drug Sales/Trafficking-1% (3 youth)
Arson-less than 1% (1 youth)
Homicide/Manslaughter-less than 1% (1 youth)
Robbery-less than 1% (1 youth)

Mean Age of Committed Youth

Mean Age of Committed Youth

FY2013-16.68 years old
FY2014-16.73 years old
FY2015-16.50 years old
FY2016-16.70 years old
FY2017-16.41 years old
FY2018-16.21 years old


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