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DOB: January 2004

Richard is an outgoing young man and he loves a good debate!  Some of his hobbies are listening to music, drawing, playing soccer, riding a bike and text messaging and Facebooking with friends.  When it comes to music, he is a big fan of Montana 300 and Lil Peep.  Drawing is one of Richard’s biggest talents.  It is very exciting and fulfilling for Richard to draw pictures for others and he has been able to sell some of his drawings!  Richard has close family connections that he would like to keep.

If you are interested in learning more about Richard or the adoption process, please reach out to his recruiter at



(DOB 06/2010)
Take a moment to read up on Kenyen! He gets excited whenever he is playing soccer and riding his bike. He also is a big fan of drawing.

For more information about Kenyen or the adoption process, please contact the DCFS Adoption Recruiter at


(DOB 02/2004)
Grayson is a jokester, who enjoys spending his time cracking jokes and smiling. He finds socializing with adults is more comfortable than socializing with his peers.

For more information about Grayson, or the adoption process, please contact the DCFS Adoption Recruiter at


(DOB: 12/2007)

Dakoda is an enthusiastic kid with a great smile! Reading, playing a good board game or card game, and watching movies are some of Dakoda’s favorite activities.


For more information about Dakoda, or the adoption process, please contact the DCFS Adoption Recruiter at



(DOB: 09/2003)

Violin and piano are among Julius’ favorite musical instruments. He recently picked back up his love for violin and is taking violin lessons. Can you believe it, he taught himself how to play the piano by watching YouTube videos! As you can see, Julius is creative and musically inclined.

For more information about Julius or the adoption process, please contact the DCFS Adoption Recruiter at



(DOB: 2004)
Robert is engaging, playful, and expressive. He has a wide variety of interests from running on the track team and playing basketball to drawing, creating Lego structures, and writing stories.

For more information about Robert or the adoption process, please email


(DOB: January 2004)

Randy is a bright eyed handsome young man.  He has a passion for learning and an appetite for reading anything from poetry to fantasy to astrology.  In school, he enjoys writing poetry, learning about Science and Astrology, and studying rocks and crystals in Geography class.  Some of his hobbies include listening to music, going camping, playing video games, and watching the news to learn more about politics.  Randy is not picky when it comes to food.  He likes Chinese, Mexican and Italian food.  He especially loves to cook and bake.  His specialty is Chicken Alfredo!  Randy has close family connections that he would like to keep.  Randy desires a loving family where he can learn more about himself and still be included in family dynamics.

If you are that family, please reach out to Randy’s recruiter today at to learn more about Randy and the adoption process!


Sibling Groups

(DOB: Elijah 2011, Nahla 2014,  Harmony 2015)

(DOB: Elijah 2011, Nahla 2014, Harmony 2015)

Elijah is a handsome young man. He enjoys physical activity such as playing baseball and youth football. Nahla has a lot of energy and likes to stay active. She loves to have her hair done with clips or bows in it and likes her hair braided like Elsa. Harmony is a loving and caring little girl. She is playful, bubbly, and makes friends easily. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

If you are interested in learning more about Elijah, Nahla, and Harmony please contact their recruiter at


Aaliyah Lestat and Kraven

Aaliyah Lestat and Kraven

(DOB: 2003) - (DOB: 2005) - (DOB: 2007)

These sweet siblings are hoping to find a home which will allow them to be together.  Aaliyah enjoys music and loves to sing. Karaoke may be in her future! Lestat will talk your ear off about video games and has a passion for everything about his games. Kraven loves to make others laugh!  He likes football, soccer, swimming, and video games. These three are in need of a loving and experienced home to call their own!  

For more information about Aaliyah, Lestat, and Kraven or the adoption process, please contact the DCFS Adoption Recruiter at




Sierra, Aleah, and Mariah

Sierra, Aleah, and Mariah

(October 2004) - (October 2010) - (April 2016)

Sierra, Aleah, and Mariah are three bright and beautiful sisters.  They love riding horses, playing with animals, and going to the park. 

Sierra is caring, articulate, and responsible.  She loves being around her friends, excelling in school, and playing sports such as soccer, volleyball, and track.  She is adventurous and not afraid to try new things.  She can often be found helping others. 

Aleah is very social and enjoys being around people.  Going on a sushi date would be a really fun outing for her!  She also likes spicy food and potato chips.  She is respectful of others and enjoys taking care of plants, being a helper with family pets, and helping out at home.  Gymnastics and playing with her friends at school are among her top favorite activities! 

Mariah is a smart, affectionate and happy child with a smile that can light up a room.  She loves Paw Patrol, puppies, and candy! She really looks up to her two older sisters and loves spending time with them.     

Sierra, Aleah, and Mariah look forward to having a loving permanent family where they can be together! 


If you are that family, please reach out to Sierra, Aleah, and Mariah’s recruiter today at to learn more about the adoption process! 

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