Juvenile Justice Services

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John Muñoz
Deputy Administrator for Community Services

Juvenile Services within the Division of Child and Family Services

Youth are committed to the Division of Child and Family Services by the juvenile court for correctional services.

    Three Youth Centers located across the state.

    Youth Parole Bureau

    Upon successful completion of the programming within the center, youth are released back into the community with supervision and case management services provided by Youth Parole.
    Youth committed for mental health treatment are placed directly on parole and receive treatment and case management services based on their identified needs.

      Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights


        JJ BOR 2

          DCFS Data 
          Juvenile Justice (JJ) Facility Population 
          JJ Facility Count as of 
          Count as of
          Caliente Youth Center - Females 38 36
          Caliente Youth Center - Males 42 44
          Nevada Youth Training Center - Males 50 47
          Summit View Youth Center - Males 45 44
          Total JJ Facility Population 175 171

            *This count reflects a point in time snapshot of the number of youth in this facility on this day. This count does not reflect current bed availability.
            Source: CaseloadPRO