Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Opportunities

The Nevada Youth Advisory Board

“Nevada Life” is a statewide organization of young people ages of 15-21 who have experienced foster care. The Board provides a forum for youth to gain information about the foster care system and share ideas on ways that the system can be improved. The purpose of the Board is to develop channels of communication between youth and the community and distribute information to youth in and out of foster care. This is a place where you can learn to champion your own causes and have a voice in matters that affect you. All foster and former foster care youth are encouraged to participate in youth advisory board activities in their local communities. The Board is committed to youth empowerment. As a participant, you can take part in many fun-filled learning activities and develop important life and leadership skills that will carry you throughout adulthood. Get Involved!!! You will become empowered!!!

    Annual Youth Conference

    The Independent Living Program sponsors an annual Youth Conference where youth from across the state come together to participate in skill building activities, attend workshops, share information and discuss topics important to Foster Care and Former Foster Care youth. The Conference gives youth the opportunity to network with others who are in and/or have left the system. The Conference is a learning and fun filled event. To learn more about the Conference contact your caseworker if you are still in the system or the ILP Coordinator if you have aged out.

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