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Provides key data measures that reflect the operations of the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) within the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

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    DCFS Child Census Counts

      DCFS Data 
      Child Welfare (CW) Foster Care Population 
        Current Week 9/19/2018 Previous Week 9/12/2018
      Rural Region - Children in Out of Home Placements^* 390 391

        ^This count indicates youth in out of home placements who are under the jurisdiction of DCFS Rural Region Child Welfare Services. This is a subset of the statewide foster care population which would also include counts from Washoe and Clark counties. 

        *This count includes both paid and unpaid placements.  

          DCFS Data 
          Children's Mental Health (CMH) Facility Population
          CMH Facility Current Week 9/19/2018 Previous Week 9/12/2018
          Oasis On Campus Homes  16 15
          Desert Willow Treatment Center - Acute Services  3 4
          Desert Willow Treatment Center - Residential Services  11 11
          Adolescent Treatment Center  15 15
          Family Learning Homes 12 10
          Total CMH Facility Population 57 55

            DCFS Data 
            Juvenile Justice (JJ) Facility Population 
            JJ Facility Current Week
            Previous Week
            Caliente Youth Center - Females 44 45
            Caliente Youth Center - Males 65 65
            Nevada Youth Training Center - Males 57 55
            Summit View Youth Center - Males 41 41
            Total JJ Facility Population 207 206

              Sources: UNITY Database - RPT704 Report, Avatar Database - CLEO Report, Juvenile Justice Internal Reports

                DCFS PROGRAM AREAS

                  Child Welfare

                  Child Mental Health

                  Juvenile Justice

                  Systems Advocate Unit

                  Serves a vital public purpose by responding to requests for information, provider concerns and
                  complaints regarding Child Welfare, Child Mental Health and Juvenile Justice. Services
                  provided by the Systems Advocate Unit include:
                  - Public Information Officer
                  - Public Records Request
                  - Constituent Concerns and Complaints
                  Phone: 775-684-4413

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