Quality Improvement

Quality Assurance Reviews and Quality Improvement Plans

NYTC, CYC, SVYC, and the Youth Parole Review are reviewed on a quarterly basis by Division staff. Each review includes an onsite visit to include interviews with youth and staff. Compliance with policies, procedures, and standards are evaluated.  A report is delivered to each facility following the review and a Quality Improvement plan is developed.

In addition to the Division’s internal Quality Assurance and Improvement activities, the three facilities participate in Performance Based Standards. Data is collected on key facility practices and outcomes twice a year. The data is then used to compare Nevada’s facilities with those across the country.  The data is also used to develop Facility Improvement Plans.


Finally, Division facilities and programs are subject to regular reviews by the Legislative Counsel Bureau’s Audit Division and the Executive Branch’s Division of Internal Audits. 

    Staff Training

     To ensure youth are safely supervised and rehabilitated, training staff at each youth center was a high priority. Each youth center employs a Training Officer who works to schedule up to 160-hours of competency-based training for all new employees within their first year of employment and for all staff to attend forty hours of training annually. The Division complies with Nevada law in training its employees pursuant to NRS 63.190. Those topics required by law include:

          (a) Controlling the behavior of children;

          (b) Policies and procedures concerning the use of force and restraint on children;

          (c) The rights of children in the facility;

          (d) Suicide awareness and prevention;

          (e) The administration of medication to children;

          (f) Applicable state and federal constitutional and statutory rights of children in the home;

          (g) Policies and procedures concerning other matters affecting the health, welfare, safety and civil and other rights of children in the facility; and

          (h) Such other matters as required by the Administrator of the Division of Child and Family Services.

    Additional training topics include the Prison Rape Elimination Act, ethics, documentation, cognitive restructuring and others. Teachers at NYTC’s Independence High School maintain their licensure through continuing legal education. 

      Reporting Quality Concerns

      To report quality concerns at any Division Juvenile Justice facility, contact the Systems Advocate