Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry

Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry

Nevada's Adoption Reunion Registry database contains contact information provided by Birth Parents, Adoptees, Relatives, Nevada State Agencies and Private Adoption Agencies.  If you are an Adoptee, Birth Parent or a Relative and the adoption was handled in the State of Nevada you are eligible to register.

The Registry is a free, mutual consent registry; both applicants must apply for there to be a family connection (match).  A family connection (match) can only occur between applicants with a notarized application on file. The Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry was developed in 1979 (Nevada Revised Statute 127.007).

Who Is Eligible to Register?

*Adoptees  (18 years or older) whose adoption was handled in Nevada. 

*Birth Parents who have relinquished a child for adoption or whose parental rights have been terminated by a Nevada Court.

*Relatives  who are related to an adoptee within a third degree of consanguinity 

How Do I Register?

Contact the Adoption Reunion Registry Coordinator at (775) 684-7294 for more information or questions. The forms needed are located on this page under Adoption Reunion Registry Forms.

Which Form Do I Use?

*Adoptees: Please complete the Adoptee application.

*Birth Parents: Please complete the Birth Parent application.

*Relatives:  This application is a two-part form. Complete Relative Part 1 to register your contact information. The Adoption Reunion Registry Coordinator will contact you if there is a family connection (match). If you want the adoptee's contact information, then the Birth Parent Consent Part 2 application must be completed by birth parent and notarized. Exception: If birth parent is deceased, consideration may be given to a death certificate.

How Long Will It Take?

Applicants submitting a registry application will receive written confirmation within 30 days of receipt.  Requests for non-identifying or medical information will be responded to within 60 days of receipt.

Requests For Non-Identifying Information*

This is general information that is in the file at the time of the adoption and can only be released to an Adoptee or an Adoptive Parent (if the child is under the age of 18). Some non-identifying information that might be found in the file is the physical description of the birth parent(s), marital status, ethnicity, education, occupation, religion and health. Additional non-identifying information may include adoptee's time of birth, place of birth, hospital, birth weight, length and if there were any other siblings at the time of birth. The consent of a birth parent is not needed for an adoptee to request any non-identifying information available in the file at the time of the adoption. Adoptees do not need to register for the Adoption Reunion Registry to obtain non-identifying information.

How Do I Withdraw or Update My Contact Information?

At any time, an application can be withdrawn from the registry by submitting a change form and choosing the check box "withdraw application."

This same form is to be used for updating contact and medical information. Please remember it is your responsibility to keep the registry current, this includes change of name, address, phone number, etc.

The completed change request form can be mailed to the Adoption Reunion Registry, Division of Child and Family Services, 4126 Technology Way, 3rd Floor, Carson City, Nevada 89706

  *Indicates this form requires notarization