Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan Committee


The Oversight Commission is required to develop a 5-year strategic plan that establishes policies and procedures for Juvenile Justice agencies. The plan must include but is not limited to detailed plans for:

  • Uniform standards that an evidence-based practice or program must follow including model programs, staffing requirements, quality assurance protocols, and the availability of promising programs or practice-based evidence;
  • Strategies including goals and timelines to enhance the capacities of Juvenile Justice agencies to comply with the evidence based practice requirements of the law and the creation of partnership with and develop of treatment providers.;
  • Requirements for juvenile justice agencies to collect and report data on programming; and
  • Protocols for improvement plans and corrective action plans by juvenile justice departments or treatment providers struggling to comply with the requirements of the law.;

The Division of Child and Family Services is tasked with adopting administrative regulations that reflect the Oversight Commission's plan.

The strategic plan is due to the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau on or before July 1, 2018 and every 5-years thereafter.

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