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The Nevada Youth Training Center (NYTC) is a 160-bed, staff-secure facility serving male youth located in Elko; ages of 12-18. NYTC has been successful at recruiting a full complement of professional Mental Health Counselors. Federal Reviewers from the Department of Justice reported significant improvement toward reaching the goals outlined in the February 2004 Memorandum of Understanding with NYTC, with the reviewers noting they have seen many “remarkable” cultural changes and many “amazing” improvements. Programs provided at this facility include Education, Vocational Training, Recreation, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling and Mental Health Group and Individual Counseling. The center operates school programs that offer required and elective academic subjects, remedial programs, special education, vocational education and interscholastic activities with an active and very successful sports program. On-site medical and mental health services are made available to the youth at the NYTC.

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