DCFS Human Resources

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Northern and Rural Regions Southern Region
4126 Technology Way, 3rd Floor
Carson City NV 89706
6171 W. Charleston Blvd, #8
Las Vegas NV 89146

Organizational Charts & Human Resource Policies

EEOP Utilization Report

The EEOP Utilization Report is a workforce report completed as a condition to receive Justice Department
Funding. A copy of this report is available via the link below or can be requested by contacting the
DCFS Human Resources office.   

Human Resource Officer

Sherri Vondrak
Human Resource Officer

Human Resource Questions

Lisa Alfred
Personnel Analyst
(775) 684-4470
Gigi Gentry
Personnel Analyst
(775) 684-4406
Michelle Carlson
Personnel Analyst
Danielle Benamati
Personnel Analyst
Osiris Noble
Personnel Technician
(775) 684-4452
Latashua Richardson
Personnel Technician
Jennifer Carillo Pena
Administrative Assistant
Haley Marriott
Administrative Assistant
(775) 684-4473

Payroll Questions

Christine Holbert
Accounting Assistant
(775) 684-4438