Fatality Disclosures

Public Disclosures

A Public Disclosure is created when a child suffers from a near fatality or a fatality and who is, or has been, the subject of a report of abuse or neglect (NRS 432B.175). Please note that the Public Disclosures on this website are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all child fatalities or near fatalities in Nevada.

Refer to Statewide Policy 0401 (Public Disclosure) for policy guidelines of when a public disclosure is required.  

A child fatality is defined as the cessation of life, manifested in people by a loss of heartbeat, absence of spontaneous breathing, and the permanent loss of brain function; loss of life.

A near fatality is defined as an act that places a child in serious of critical condition as verified by a physician, a registered nurse or other licensed provider of health care.

Public Disclosures by Child Welfare Jurisdiction

Clark County Public Disclosures, Rural Region Public Disclosures, Washoe County Public Disclosures

Public disclosures are maintained on the website for two (2) years, if you would like access to previous years' disclosures, please email systems.advocate@dcfs.nv.gov.